Little moan

Thank god I’m wearing my ‘skanky’ cheap topshop studded leather jacket today.. because luckily I’m invited to the book launch of ‘Pride & Glory’ from the award winning photographer Horst Friedrichs. This book is about the the biker jacket rock culture and takes place in a very fancy and expensive retro biker jacket store in London where you won’t find any jacket under 600 GBP … so I didnt know that. Now apart from me looking cheap and highstreet fashion tonight, I moved to a new place in South East London (a pretty place called Blackheath) and every day it bloody takes me nearly 2 HOURS TO WORK AND BACK….. TWO!! 

It’s like from Cologne to Frankfurt every day. Wtf..

I think I have agedabout 4 years in the past 3 days. I’m leaving house around 7.30am and come back at night 8pm.. FML. This is due to bloody trains beeing delayed and no connection straight from Farringdon where I work, to Blackheath. Absolute nightmare.

Now considering moving again after Christmas.. The longest place I ever stayed living in in London was in Highgate, my lovely own flat.

I have moved 3 times this year, due to personal and work reasons. So I have now learned my lesson, that living south of the river is NOT THE ONE. please take my advice.

But therefore I live now with Albert. A fish. So that is a bit of entertaining.. yaaawn.

I wish all my followers and readers a lovely day. The sun is shining in London! X







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Do you wanna see KITTENS LIVE?????

OMG  I have such great news!!!

But actually shhhhhh.. it is a secret and you are not allowed to tell ANYONE! Promise?

Ok.. I found this great link today and it shows a bunch of sweet and adorable kittens LIVE on webcam!!

I know it sounds all a bit dodgy and like porn. Sorry sorry. But no, it is actually true. Little fluffy kittens playing around with a toy mouse.. or their mum!

Have a look in their kittens basket (click) and save the link – it can be well entertaining!




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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while and I’m sorry to my readers to those who have stumbled on here and see I havent posted in a while. Bad bad blogger.

I dont see myself as the typical blogger anyway. I just thought that sometimes I want to tell what I think or what I come across..

This year has been really intense in any aspects of my life in London. The party life before has really worn me out and later on I came several times to the limit of how to handle actual tough things.

Tough times in life means realizing yourself and progressing. So I think I grew up a little ;) A LITTLE MEANS A LITTLE BIT.. NOT ACTUALLY GROWN UP… because I dont do things like that.

“She lives the poetry she cannot write”


I am currently working on a business plan for my own thing which I will hopefully open in Shoreditch by next year summer. I have had a really good idea and I promised myself to stick with it this time and finally do something. I always have stuff in my head but I normally just leave it there.. floating around.. so now it’s all gonna happen and I’m looking for a good investor because my idea is actually really cool. I had fantastic positive feedback.

Not telling more tho yet.

Btw my relationship to gays have been worn off a little aswell since I’m engaged haha.. Im just realizing that my female friends are actually nearly down to 0 which is (not) a shame really.

I have also realized this year, as it got to the point that I was offered my own ‘GAY’ clubnight in London.. and in the end I didn’t go… that life must have more to give than being a local popular blonde thingy rushing from party to party, being exhausted and only have friends because they think you are ‘cool’ or ‘inspiring’ or a ‘muse’ whatever…  but then in the end you feel just bored. Delighted but bored.

So now I’m very settled and focus on myself and my relationship and my future. Good things coming up.

Next chapter, blank pages.

Oh by the way I just bought me a new lovely moleskin.

I love when you put your name on the first page in your best and nicest clean tidy handwriting and as soon as you flip over to the first page its just like a word-armageddon hardly to read. Classic!


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This is cool!

I remember watching this video 1994 jumping up and down and singing out loud – LOVE THEM!


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‘The Origin Of Monsters’

Love Magazine

Shot by Tim Walker

Model: Kristen McMenamy

some amazing photos… (SS 2012)









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90’s: Cool Boys


I know I know.. you probably don’t need another ‘The 90’s were so cool’ blog post. And I don’t really give a shit about all the 90’s hype recently because I was a teenager then and and I lived it to the fullest, so for me it’s fun to watch all the excitement and new fashion coming back.. like tie dye, cropped shirts, shorts, long jumpers, Levi’s jeans etc yaaawn.

But a really really good thing in the 90’s were the BOYS! Girls (and gays) believe me.. it was like cool-boys-heaven.

Like, in my high school the guys had long hair, wearing old bands t-shirt with Cardis or open shirts paired with ripped up jeans and converse.. In the morning they came on their SKATEBOARDS all cool… and sometimes after school they pulled their shirts off and were skating topless around the school smoking a rolled up cig or a joint listening to Nirvana and Rage. How bloody cool is that…

My private math tutor always came on his Skateboard in the afternoon to give me.. math lessons. I picked the hottest guy ever. He was really tall and skinny. He always wore ripped up jeans and an oversized checked black and red shirt. He had long blonde hair (shoulder) and the cutest smile. All I remember from my math lessons (I was 15) is him asking to use my Labello Lipstick… and I nearly fainted.

So yeah I enjoyed the 90’s pretty much and I feel sorry for you of you were too young to actually take part haha ;)

ANYWAY.. me and my boyfriend were watching non-stop 90’s movies this weekend. He is a bit younger than me (I only do younger bf’s – sorry!! ;) but has an exceptional good taste in all 90’s music and cool films, so we are just spending hours and being nostalgic.

So the first cool guy/kid we picked from the 90’s is Edward Furlong!!!

The handsome blonde boy from the Aerosmith Video ‘Living on the edge’. He also played in Terminator 2 and won an the Award for best breakthrough actor. The last cool film he did was ‘Detroit Rock City’ which is pretty fun. Oh and of course American History X!

LOVE EDWARD FURLONG for being one of the coolest 90’s boys.




These are gif’s but they only work when you click on them? Weird.. sorry!! x

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