Thank you – you are beautiful!

Today at work I will write about Coco. (My work mostly including research and writing stuff about fashion, beauty, lifestyle …). And today is one big day in fashion and also for all beloved ladies, as Grand Dame Coco Chanel invented ‘The little black dress’ 85 years ago! Thank you Coco! I have lots of them. I can’t think of anything else more classic and beautiful to wear, doesn’t matter what fabric or shape. Kisses.

And she is my hero aswell: Courtney Love! Not that she is the most influental female artist from the nineties (and now). She never changed herself for anyone. She is inspiring and one of the most talented female writers I passed. She is unique at her sense of fashion. She had this date with Billy Corgan (Singer of Smashing Pumpkins). He was on stage and he was really excited that Courtney said she is coming to see him play. He couldn’t spot her in the crowd tho. So he started to get nervous and tried to see if he can recognise people, although the bright lights on stage wouldn’t let him. He spotted a tall girl, standing on a table. Smoking. She was laughing and lifted up her skirt to show her knickers to some other guy! He was shocked. But this is Courtney. She is pure passion and Rock’n Roll! See her blog What Courtney Wore Today

Vivienne. Ohh Westwood. An inspiring artistic expression dramatically draped in wonderful creations. Thank you for Punks, Corsets, ‘Pirates’, ‘Witches’, ‘Cut and Slash’ and emancipation in the world of fashion.

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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