Fairies & Pills

My head is spinning. I’ve got headache from toothache. I never have toothache. Just once about a year ago as my wisdom tooth decided to say hello. It just popped out one morning. (Mental…!)

I might have a painkiller later. These prescription painkillers I have to take are ridiculous. Ridiculous in a way that I really like them. I’m on some therapy and I actually need to take one per day but I’m not. It would be too much fun!

A few weeks ago I went out with my best friend M. and my australian friend M. in East London. We went to this wonderful place near Spitalfields. A very nice pub, very beautiful hand-picked arts, crafts, Polaroids, glitter, vinyls, chandeliers, vintage fabrics.

We started drinking early in the afternoon – that’s quite normal in London. It was such a nice and sunny day. After two pints and mindless chats about diet pills, sex and iPhones I gave two of my painkillers away. I thought it would be fun!

Two hours and another few pints later we tried to make our way back to Shoreditch were some japanese band was playing at the Old Blue Last. Friends of friends. Normally it takes 10 minutes walk to get there. We needed 45 minutes. My best friend M. couldn’t walk anymore. My other friend M. was trying to get M. sorted. I was trying to get M. and M. sorted. M. sat down on the street, I sat next to her and said I would be so happy we can do this every week soon when I get back. She didn’t hear it. She was off with the fairies. Other friend M. was all excited about the pills and said ‘Thank you’.

Nuts. The evening ended early. M. was sitting in front of the OBL entry and the security guide asked us to leave if he wouldn’t stand up. I nearly was sick on the tube. I stayed at my friend’s place in South London.

The next day I saw someone writing on facebook about seeing M. last night: “I saw your friend M. drunk on some steps in Shoreditch last night. He did not recognise me at all, even after I approached him. His manner scared me. He was a bit drunk. I don’t know if he could walk anymore.”

Answer: “Omg was he alone? H. went out drinking with them and it went a bit sour early on”

Good friends can be such fun.

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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