Come and play …

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. 

Do: Call your lovely mum and ask if the cat is ok.

Don’t: Buy Aviator Jackets.

Do: Get totally drunk, go home with a nice guy and let him serve you a double whiskey coke

Don’t: Get depressed after 4 pints and send depressed messages to your lost lover.

Do: Take someones hand to cross the road.

Don’t: Write another phrase about people you hate in pub toilets.

Do: Lean your head on some strange girls shoulder next to you on the bus (who is as drunk as you) then fall asleep.

Don’t: Take secretly pictures in Jaguar Shoes, East London – with flashlights.

Do. Be remembered. Somehow.

Don’t: Kiss your date while the date from last week is standing behind you.

Do: Be someone elses secret.

Don’t: Think that today will be a good day and tell everyone.

Do: Bring some wine as a present to a birthday party and drink it all yourself.

Don’t: Try drugs when youre too drunk to tell the difference between Crystal Meth and Mdma.

Do: Don’t give a fuck what other people say, just stay yourself.

‘Love me or hate me’

I dated this guy the first time and he said he would pick me up at Finsbury Park station in North London where he lived. I texted him that I was already waiting. The station has four exits. It was dark. I’ve waited for a bit outside and decided to hide in some dark corner. I never met him before so I was just guessing what he looked like. I was excited. I saw him coming from the opposite site of the street. He was looking for me. But he didnt see me. I was still hiding and watching him. I smiled. He looked gorgeous. He went into the station then came back out and looked around. He started to walk faster and obviously he seemed getting nervous about the situation because he couldnt find me. He went into the station and walked across to the other exit. I started worrying so I stepped out of the embracing dark shades. ‘Were you standing there all the time???’ He laughed. ‘Yes. I was watching you’. I know Im weird sometimes, sorry. I think I left him searching for about 5 minutes. He was wearing white shoes. He has the best shoe collection in the world, he said. I have more. He even brought me back to the station the next day. Catch me if you can.

Let’s play a love game.


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Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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  1. Hello there,I enjoy reading through your weblog – Come and play … | What Kat Did Next's Blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation……Good luck for all your blogging efforts.

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