Tea for two

Let’s have cup of tea. Lovely.

Just you and me. Ok? Do you like it with milk or sugar? Oh, thanks I take two sugar. I like it sweet, but normally Im”off” sugar. You know…calories and stuff like that. Yes! I use honey instead.

I’m wondering how many girls and boys have sex just in this second. And how many of them are truly in love. Oh well…

‘The worlds broken doll.The worlds shattered whore’

I’m at my moms place. I had this stupid operation on my teeth and took like 6 painkillers in 24hrs. I’m fine now. I’m just starting to get cabin fever I think, so I got plenty of time to blog and browse the net.

I threw away tons of bin bags of clothes today. Left over from London. I found stockings from my burlesque time 3 years ago. I kept them. I also found this lovely white knitted sequin cardi I’ve once bought for a stupidly high price at Beyond Retro. It’s fun when you look at dresses and you remember the date and the guy you sat with as you wore it.

I can’t wait to wear all my lovely vintage dresses again. Vintage and London is like Hong Kong and Spring Roll. Unfortunately in Germany people just don’t understand how to dress…sorry. I CAN’T FACE THIS DRAMA ANYMORE! Some rare exeptions..ok.

I remember as I went with M. to some booze & shopping night in Whitechapel. East End Thrift Store. I have never seen so many people, rather girls, going mental. Drunk. It was just so funny. Girls ripped dresses off other girls, stumbled on each other. The ‘cool’ Shoreditch guys all dressed in checked shirts, skinny jeans and big glasses were just standing there grinning and watching. I think I didn’t buy anything in the end. I just got pissed for free. Thank youuu.

follow me.

why so shy?

Well,  this is not my dream. It’s yours! Can’t you see?

No begging will help you now. You need to leave your dream. And come with me.

To drown.

I pick you flowers just to see them fading.

We love to be slaves.

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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