Life in a cupcake

Yes, life can be like living in a cupcake sometimes. Don’t you think? I mean it’s all fluffy and sweet and everything nice but then the sugar on top, the pink cream on top, can be way to heavy.

I just wrote a new post for this blog, my laptop shut down and now i can start again. Yaaawn.

I’ve bought this mega super new laptop today! Super hot. Love it. I am such a material girl, its ridiculous, but I like it. Bought also a new suitcase. A blue one. Im off to London next week for a few days. My dad and my brother will come with me. We will see a band at the Royal Albert Hall!

I have found such a nice place to stay for my dad and my bro. In Crouch Hill. It’s just around the corner from Finsbury Park where I stay. For some reason Finsbury Park was always a faithful companion to me in London. I don’t even like this place!!! I mean its dirty, loud and only the smaller streets are nice. Thats where I will be. At my better halfs place who is the only person I know who got a really nice flat on his own and can afford it… Jesus. It will be fun!! Long days and long nights in London with the people I love the most. With drinks, broken shoes and cuddles. Meow.

Aawww… I so want this pink suitcase! ;)

I always said, when I ever should buy a flat or house *cough* in London, it will probably be in Crouch Hill. It’s amazing. This is not Crouch Hill, but Crouch End located right behind the ‘Crouch Hill’. And the pub in the corner I always went with my ex for drinks. Once we sat next to Coldpay. I dint even noticed them.

I really start regretting that I didn’t took many pictures in these 3 years of mad life. But this will def change this time. I cant wait to show you all my life and impressions from this city and all whats happening around me. Woohoo!! Fun times are coming up. I will have a lot more to blog!

I should grow up tho. But Im like a female version of Peter Pan. It’s terrible. No it’s not! I feel sorry for all people who think Im mad and never lived with Peter Pan siting on their left shoulder. Wait, that was Tinkerbell, right? Well you know what I mean.

I will have a big ‘Welcome back, Kat’-Party in London! I remember as I had my ‘Goodybe Kat’-Party… I just vanished. I didn’t say goodbye to anyone. I was too drunk to dance or to stand or to talk. I sat down on a chair at the Old Blue Last and thought ‘fuck it’. Then I felt asleep on my nightbus (again). The next morning I woke up and my hands were wounded. Blood. Did I crawl down the streets? Maybe I did.

I secretly cried my eyes out as I sat in the car with my brother towards Germany. I said goodbye to every street we passed. It felt wrong to leave. Why did I leave? Maybe to fall in love with the city again! Oh I was in Love… that’s why I left.

I’m in love now.

I’m always fucking in Love with something! God, help me.

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