Cats & Blondes

I wish there would be snow.

I’m really getting in a wintery wonderland mood. My birthday is in January and I always hated it. It is cold, grey and wet. I think I start to like and appriciate it more now. Maybe its the age…. shhhh.

When it’s all quite and the streets and houses are covered under a white sparkling blanket. And you can peak in all windows. Candles!

And you sit there on the window sill and see the snowflakes falling really softly. And a black cat leaves her footprints in the snow.

I’m so tired. I wish I could sit at this wintery window all rolled up in a blanket. With him.

So romantic.

And a mulled wine! Oh my god I got so drunk once at the German Christmas Market in London. It all ended up really wet. The market is located underneath a bridge (I forgot which one tho). And they have all these nice waffles and cookies.

I remember as I went home in the winter once and I walked along the road in Muswell Hill towards my house. A white cat followed me. And the cat didn’t wanted to leave. I opened the door and the cat rushed upstairs towards my room, stopped at the stairs and meowed at me. I let her in. She jumped on my bed meowed and felt asleep.

I never saw this cat before. But I was about to go out and I wanted the cat to leave. And the white cat just ignored me. I tried food. Didnt work. After an hour playing cat and mouse game and insanely talking to the cat I carried her downstairs. I carried her down the street a bit and told her to come back another time. The cat just sat there and stared at me. I turned around and just wanted to close the door behind me as the cat ran inside again, rushed upstairs and sat down at my bed. Nooo please. I love you little cat but you have to go now. You can’t stay. You smell a bit and you are dirty a bit. A dirty blonde, as I am!

We did this game around three times. I carried the white cat downstairs. Then I literally ran back inside but someone else was always quicker than me… I think in the end I went a bit angry and the cat just left. I was sad.

We never met again.

Cats in London are different. I don’t know…

London can be really mysterious sometimes. It’s weird, I like it.

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  1. great post, I am interesting in it!

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