Hearts in wardrobes

Have you ever listened to Eckhart Tolle? You should. He is a very influential and inspiring person. Go to youtube and search for him. I can’t describe it in words but he can change life and the way you think. You have to listen carefully. It’s not like a 5 minute thing and then it’s done. So, if you have a bit of time … listen to him please.
So Im sitting here and have to start packing – again. It’s a never ending unpacking and packing, help. I will move out this weekend. London is coming closer step by step. I still haven’t booked my flight yet but I will be in London in the 3rd week of November.
Im starting my new job(s) next week from home, which I really looking forward to. Im still thinking about a nice location for my party. I cant do The Old Blue Last anymore, Im getting a bit sick of it to be honest haha. Maybe Punk, Soho?! Ahh, who knows. We will see.
Times will be busy, seeing a lot of people! Most Im looking forward to obv. Some less..haha. I wonder how to get all my shoes to London? I think I have to choose which I want to take with me. Omg what a pain.
Ive bought some sparkling wine today, actually a few bottles (small ones) for my last day at work. I promised to have kind of a “New York Breakfast” like champagne in the morning on Friday, yay!
I miss kissing. Oh why do I miss kissing? I shouldnt. When you are longing for someone and you can’t have it just right now, its just getting worse and depressive. Not really depressive.
I also don’t like sleeping alone. Sometimes it’s nice but after a while it just feels wrong.  I have put all his shirts in the back of my wardrobe.
But thank you for bringing me all the joyful moments every day. And no one made me smile so much in my life. And the more I think about it (although it’s getting less because I do understand now) this all wouldn’t be worth to give up what we had. Anyway, I wouldn’t know how to fill this void anymore. I just have no idea, how my life would be without you. It would probably suck, even in good times!
I want a Playstation to play some shooter games now. Really want to!!!
If I would have a heart shaped box, guess what I would do…
And if you don’t like what you read on here, don’t read it.
I want something exciting to happen!!! Now now now. Please.
Good night all you lovely kittens…thehe xxx
PS: Do you want me to post more funny things and jokes? Soon! Not now. Promise ;)

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Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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