Stoned rabbit story

I have just decided that I am not getting depressed about certain people anymore who are not able to keep up the respect towards me. I just have to move on in life and I don’t need this. I have much bigger goals than entertaining time wasters – sorry.
Thank you for all your lovely replies – I really appreciate it and it makes me happy to make people feel happy or that they can identify with my words. Lots of love – so glad!
As you can see I have a tattoo. Only one which is on my arm. It is so incredible terrible haha. Well, the story is: I was 16 and I went with my best friend T. and two boys we hang out with at this time, to some pizza place. The two boys knew the owner of the pizzeria. We went into kind of ‘back room’ (mafia like) and started drinking shots!
Another guy walked in and said he has made a tattoo machine by himself and he already practiced on pig skin – yes, pig skin – schweinehaut as we would say in german. So me and my best friend T.were like ‘omg, this is so cool!!! we want a tattoo now’.
Which was probably the most stupid idea that I ever had. So I did choose kind of tribal motive which was ‘trend’ in the 90’s – you remember. My friend T. choose a blue rabbit which holds a joint in his ‘hands’ and looks really stoned… hahaha! Imagine she has got two kids now and the first thing they realised in life wasn’t their mum, it was probably a bright blue stoned funny rabbit while breast-feeding – blimey! Anyway  sooo, we were really drunk and our ‘friend’ made us tattoos which were so awful, and still are.
I’m getting a make over for the tattoo in may. It will cover my upper arm and will be kind of black and white with red roses, hearts and birds. Only black and red.I don’t want anymore tattoos. Im not jumping on that trend-wagon. Hipster-thing.
My friend T. still got this stoned rabbit on her breast – its hilarious. And our talented tattoo-friend did another tattoo for her that night. A little red devil … but he forgot the horns and it looks like a flying monkey with a pitchfork. Aahhhahaa … God, help me.

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