Today is the day: I am moving back to London! Tonight ist my flight and I’m looking forward to my lovely friend C. and her flatmates who will accommodate me the first weeks (or months) which I really appriciate!

I have the biggest monster suitcase of all! If you see a walking suitcase with a blonde wig in London, thats probably me!

My mum made me the best goodbye-present ever! She bought me ‘Dirty Blonde’ the diary of Courntey Love. As soon as I unwrapped the present I started crying .. haha. And then my mum cried :( – it was a dramatic scenerey I can tell you! I also got a nice poetry book abt love, a nice card with a bird from picasso and a cup with ‘best friends’ from my lovely best friend T. (you know the one with the rabbit tatoo).

Facebook is doing this childhood-comic-avatar-thing! Guess what I have uploaded as my avatar? No, not Alice. Not, not Minnie Mouse… I have uploaded ‘Arielle the Mermaid’ from 1989! Because I watched it over and over and over again as a little girl. I dont know why. I might have fancied the dark-haired  and blue-eyed good-looking prince she got marry to in the end. And I liked Sebastian the funny crab!! So hilarious.  I loved that Arielle collected all the shiny beautiful things from the ‘world outside the water’ because she always wanted to be human. And she fighted against everyone evil, she was the smartest and cutest mermaid in the sea. Of course she made it finally and her dream became true.

I loved it! Maybe she was a pre-Courtney role-model. well…no..haha

I will miss Germany but I def made the right decision and so I’m going to say ‘Goodbye Deutschland’ – and all my love to my friends xoxo

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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