Drum Mode & Universe Girl

I finally found some time to write a bit more. I just needed to realise I’m back and staying! But I feel like home. London is my home and the city always welcomed me with open arms. Everything is so easy and it just flows. The time goes by quickly and I enjoy every morning when I turn back the curtains and look outside the window …
I am really excited. I have this important interview tomorrow and they start to annoy me a bit. Normally they invited me for an interview with 4 people… it’s a bit stressfull but still to manage. But now they postponed it to one day later and because all 4 people couldnt do at the same time, Im going to see each person after another!! Which means, Im going to have an interview marathon from 10am until 1pm and on top of that, two general managers from USA will call me afrom2.30 pm to have¬† even another interview via phone! Sorry, but this is mental!! I mean, It’s a well payed position. But not THAT well payed and important it would justify this mess. Fucking dont like it, but will give my best! I def need some drinks Wednesday night .. haha.
Oh I went out last night and showed my friend T. Jaguar Shoes and The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. It was so good. Really really good bands were playing (for once) at OBL, didnt expect that on a Monday night haha. And the singer was lush! I mean, he just looked so darn gorgeous – meow. Those guys you only get to see in UK, never ever in Germany. That’s actually another reason why I moved, because the range of selection on possible husbands is just really really good haha!
They are called Drum Mode and I really liked them. Click for FB page.
Someone called me Universe Girl yesterday and I really appreciate it – Well it means a lot to me because I often thinking about those things and try to figure out … you know. Philosophy, Physics. I think these are the things that really count. And my friend always say, why do get people worried about little stuff if we have the Universe to discover and could do really big things. And I agree.
But this is life. In humble my opinion, we do NOT exist for any special reason. I think we are just lucky creatures on this planet. We will find out when we die… I’m sure.
Ok, Im off watching Dinner Date which is the most entertaining programm on telly this afternoon. yay!
Lots of Love – Kat!
Please send me some luck tomorrow, Universe! xoxox

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Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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