Smelly Cat

Wouldn’t it be lovely to cuddle up with a cute, fluffy kitten? I love cats. They are so unpredictable and sweet – just like me.. thehe.
When I grow up and have a really good job (finally) and my own flat (finally) I will def get a little smelly cat (finally) that I can give all my love to.

I love you sooo much, my second half. Always will will.

“And I will await your highness
I’m so high I cannot walk
And I will await
You cripple
You take away my pride
My peace, my empathy
No babies sleep on atrophy
Your unborn love and fetal stress
Hard bitter candy, legless caress  

What was she for Halloween?
The ugliest girl you’ve ever seen
Someday she will die alone

What was she for Valentine’s?
An old forgotten concubine
Someday she will die for no one”

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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