Diamonds are forever

Oh this is London! Everything is so brilliant and exciting. I have a good feeling about the job, but still won’t know until next week. Can’t wait!
My schedule has been so empty the past few months and as soon as I moved Im getting so busy with everything and everyone – it’s wonderful. I love all my friends here.
Let’s see.
Friday: I work until 3pm and will see my best friend Mel later in the afternoon. We will meet at Spitalfields in East London where all the nice vintage shops are and where this beautiful art/vintage pub is. We will celebrate the Friday as good we can and as fun we can. As I know us, it will end up in a disaster.
Saturday: There’s a leaving party of one of my ex colleagues from Sony. I might go. Im also invited to come to see the legendary Sven Väth DJ’ing in London – East End of course. Will see how i feel.
Sunday: Mulled-Wine-Time! In Winter Wonderland in Hydepark. Beautiful but very busy aswell. We will meet up with a lot of people and just getting funny drunk – it’s all about the Glühwein.
Monday: I will probably get the very important phone call regarding the job. Doesn’t matter if i get it or not, I’ll see my beloved beautiful friend Tom finally for a couple of drinks.  He manages ‘Your Eyes Lie’ clothing store in Camden and has sent be cool shirts and dresses over to Germany last year. Its gonna be fun. He has always been a very caring person – top! Love him (welsh). Sweetheart.
Tuesday: I might stay at my love-of-my-life-friends-forevers C’s place in Finsbury Park as Caro’s brother is coming over and will take over my guestbed for a week.
Wednesday: Actually working. No other plans yet – OMG.
Thursday: Will sleep at Mel’s place. We will either have a girly night in with champagne, kittens and might put some plans on for a mulled-wine-dressing-up-the-cats-party. Or we might go out for some drinks later on and doing embarrassing things as usual.
Friday: Im working and just been invited by the manager of this media company Im translating at the moment. He asked me to see him at 5pm at the Ivy Club! Which is incredibly exciting as this club is strictly private members and you usually get to hang out with Kate Moss, Bob Geldof, Kelly Osbourne & Co. I cant wait to get there. I really have to do a dress shopping before. This is so glamorous and brilliant.
Also I am seeing my Ex who signed a record deal and will be on a little world tour around USA and Japan next year with his band. How exciting is that??!!
I love my life here. It gives so much back – My friends are the real Diamonds xoxo

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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