A Year In Love

oohh this year passed by so quickly.
we had true love, lost love, new love and old love.
we suffered and cried, we laughed and we kissed.
we smiled at a stranger and hugged the one we love.
every year brings something unpredictable. my year was sweet-sour.
but I think this is just the right mixture to even carry on like this next year.
I stop myself from doing things I don’t want to do. Well, you know all those things you shouldn’t do but then you do it anyway. And then you sit there and think.. no I shouldn’t sit here I just say no the next time. And after a while you sit there again.. you know what: I just do what I want to do and there is a reason, more likely subconscious and unknown, but I always have a reason that drives me inside to go on and on to get there where I want to be. And if it seems dark and stoney there is always the light that shines in the end and it is so much worth to go through hell.
Look at this!!! Haha! I went with my friend shopping on Bricklane in London. We had snow the past few days… you remember. And I was like: “Look, how nice! A huge snowman! …. OMG noooo it is a massive Penis!!” Click click picture.
My friend asked me to hug the ‘Snow-Sculpture’ then even to lick it and I clearly refused!
Christmas soon. Did you buy all presents yet?
For me the biggest best present ever would be feeling your breath on my face every night.. to know you are there. I dreamed of you the other night, woke up and realized you were laying next to me. I cannot describe the feeling…
PS: I always find it funny how people come to my blog. This time someone googled ‘xxx’ … haha.. merci cherie.

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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