Black spooky cat

I forgot to tell you about my little present from my friends who have left London now… really sad!

I love my new spooky LED-Cat! It will scare nasty mean men away, it makes noises too and it is a key chain. LOVE IT. :)

You can click and buy!

I am not sure about my new years eve dressing yet… what will you wear? I reckon something festive with sparkling and lace, vintage. I feel very festive. I ve bought a new nail polish for christmas eve ONLY …haha. Such a girl..sorry.


We have to get the christmas tree inside now. The snow in Germany is unbelievable. So high. Everything is white as a sparkling wonderland. I’m very looking forward to christmas. I havent been with my family last year, spent it with my ex boyfriend. So this year I will get drunk on mulled wine, champagne, dancing, listening to christmas classics and eating eating eating before the big abstinence in January.

I am flying to Boston in January. For a whole week – I will tell you another time.

I have so many new goals for 2011. I will leave all bad things in 2010. EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!

Please light a candle for your passed away beloved ones.


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Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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