I am back and I have treated myself today with the bestes and most amazing NYE-dress ever! It is such a nice vintage dress, maybe a bit baroque but lace and velvet and gold.

Princess time haha <3

As I was a little girl I hide in the big wardrobe of my mum and danced around in her dresses secretly. Even if they were like 23874 mio sizes to big. I thought I was Madonna with 6 years already… oh well.

My flight was delayed 3 hours yesterday. I arrived in London at Midnight. Then I had to wait half an hour for the Gatwick Express. Luckily the train was packed and some really bright person couldn’t find obv the loo…. so the whole wagon smelled. Further the train was diverted because of engineering works. As I arrived at London Victoria about 1am the tubes were closed. I decided to take a cab because it was late and my new fancy suitcase was just too heavy.

Arrived at the cab point there were another40 people waiting for a cab too. Yay. So I waited another 45 minutes to get into a cab. I arrived at home around 2am and I had to get up back at 7 am – double fun. So I just sat there and ate the Marks & Spencer posh chocolate cookies which I forgot to take with me for Christmas. They actually stopped me from getting furious and crying.

Surprisingly my brother is coming NYE and I am so happy about it!!!

Oh my new dress, I can’t wait to wear it. I will take a picture shortly.

Also I am flat hunting at the moment. Will keep you posted …

Love love love xoxo

For a second I thought it was me in the picture :/ maybe I am totally paranoid now??

Oooh there’s another big goal well actually long wish I am going to fulfill this year. But NO ONE knows. Apart from one person I think… Anyway, I am super excited about this. Haha!!!

It was said, that I have psychic abilities. I wasn’t surprised about it. I always felt different.

How cute.


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Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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