Boys Boys Boys

You know this is really funny.
I have been chatted up by two guys on facebook today. I have dated them both. But neither had sex with them or anything. I don’t know why actually. Anyway, I haven’t talked to both since 2 years or something.
And they both came up today asking me if i have time in the afternoon or later. Going for ‘drinks’.
One guy got married but split up because they just married that she can stay in UK. The other guy has a girlfriend anyway. And an anchor tattoo on his wrist.
Both are English and look hot. I like English guys, I think I mentioned it.
Well of course they think ‘I am hot and I have a hot body’ okayyy. Thank you. They have just seen me once and asking me what I like in bed and if I do wear fancy underwear and suspenders.
Well in the end it’s up to me what I will decide to do… BUT apart from those two guys there’s another guy and another guy who are also in a relationship requested ‘dating’… sexy times whatever. Oh and another guy. Isn’t that weird. I have just been back since a couple of weeks.. jesus and maria. I don’t want this. But it’s flattering in a kind of a way… innit babes.
Every day I could date another guy!
Can’t you get a life please!!! THANKS!  Haha.


About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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