C = Courtney

Just to make this clear. C = Courtney and doesn’t mean anything else!

I am having a moment. Well, I am having a moment and when I do have one of those moments I want to write tons and tons of depressing stuff but in the end it doesn’t get me anywhere.

So I better look up and find people who share the same moment of insanity, depression and strength so that I feel dragged out and comforted.

‘The problem is that I care too much’ or ‘ I haven’t fucked anyone since 5 years’ or ‘You better do some yoga or you get a heart attack’

Look, this is just hilarious. She has the ability being everywhere and nowhere at the same time PLUS smoking a fag in the lift. <3

So what happen the other night as you couldn’t sleep, men troubles? ‘Yes.. that’s in the general area…’ So you havent fucked a guy since 5 years? ‘Yes I have fucked a guy after 5 years, I have fucked a few guys …’

Ok, I’m gonna tell you what happened. I got the whole story already just from the look of your face. You were banging this guy and you were open yourself up easily.. there was no definition of what it was. But all of a sudden, he is unavailable. And you are hurt! You spread your legs and you actually don’t do that easily for guys.

Right, and here is the first part of this interview with Courtney Love:

‘Having a fight makes me feel uncomfortable because it makes me feel like it’s to intimate’

Well, the guy is telling you that because he doesn’t want to get close to you.

So why are you putting yourself through this? ‘Well, because he is sweet’ Well, you can find someone else who is sweet!

Excuse me, sorry. Can I tell you something? Get rid off this guy! I don’t care what your pool is – GET RID OFF HIM! ‘Yeah….’ He is not treating you right. ‘No he is not…’ You clearly want more than a f..buddy! ‘Yes.. I mean I accepted that f..buddy thing but then he got really mean and said things like, you are very lucky’ … he meant lucky you because you can hang out with him??? ‘Yes’ OH MY GOD WHAT. ‘Yes I just wrote him my first hate-letter’ Did you sent it off? ‘Nah…’ So why are you attracted to such guys? ‘I really don’t know …’

Despite the fact I am clearly not Courtney, don’t want to be Courtney and will never be Court (although you might think that) it is very very comforting that somewhere out there , a strong and intelligent women, like her (like me? I don’t know…) has exactly the same shitty problems that makes your face looks puffy because you have cried all night and continuing crying in the morning.

Thank you! I have learned my lesson.

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Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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