God loves you

And God ‘still’ loves you.

Without a doubt.

He never doubts you. Why should he?

You are overfishing the sees and poisoning the water.

You live your life to the fullest whilst animals are abused for your lipstick and children building your iPhone. (Yes, including me!! I don’t say I’m not guilty).

You are destroying the nature that gives you the oxygen to live, the power to be and the beauty of life.

You know nothing about life. But I know that Karma misses no one!

We had his chance and now we have destroyed everything. People fighting for their rights and for equality in other parts of the world – they just want to be like you! Can’t you see? Yeah just ignore it, until they come and rip you apart.

I feel like the whole world is one boiling pot of hot water and now it’s too late anyway.

I’m not a big fan of conspiracy and stuff, but I know that all historical records – if they are religious or tribes – oh, even the Bible says it – wait. There will be a clear up soon because we have messed it up. Easy. And if you open your eyes, you realize that already things are happening around us! So, just be prepared.

I’m not scared. I feel ashamed to be a human being and I rather have a cosmic clear up than staying in this shit hole we created, believe me.

I am only 30 and I have experienced 2 super nuclear explosions and you want to tell me that this energy is SAFE? That we are safe? Darling, you are so blind. Now go and put your fancy red dancing shoes on – because …



About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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