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Now I really think it’s about time to write something again. I’m not in London at the moment, which is good. I’m at home in Germany to let my heart breath and to go on a business trip to Frankfurt.

I get this feeling again in London, I cannot breath. Which is not because of the city. It’s because of this guy I blogged a lot about. Well he said he doesn’t read my blog because he hates to read about himself. I don’t think I only wrote bad things, I wrote funny things too. And how much I love him. But despite the fact this guy is just not able to catch up with me, I will publish all stories one day because it’s hideous! Believe me! I have so many things to tell you and it’s all written down already. In my brain and my heart. Because I never forget bad things. Like a dog. If you hurt a doggy really bad – he will never forget…

I try and will be cooperating in some creative filming projects with another girl from London. She found my blog and I think we have the same mental illness also being blonde and worshiping Courtney makes us getting along already really well. I will meet and see if I can help with filming on events, fashion and other creative stuff in London – so I have new ideas and challenges to go for. I really looking forward to meet her, I think it will be fantastic and fun.

Anyway. My friend Tishk, I told you about him. He is a young guy from London doing paintings and studied cosmology. He is great, he is inspiring and he knows what really matters in life, although he is still in a younger age. He is one of my closest friends in London I talk to every day.

He has been invited to CERN in Geneva Swiss-France border! I’m so glad about this. He texted me one morning that he got a letter invitation from Cern and I knew what it meant to him to be part of this fantastic science project! They only invite selected people… and of course they only invite the best people with the highest potential.

You havent heard about Cern? It’s the European Organization for Nuclear Research. One of the most powerful and meaningful project worldwide is going on there at the moment. The most respected center of scientific research. I love science, physics and cosmology! I wish I would have understand the importance of the science earlier in life and would committed more studies into this. Oh well…

Anyway. Simple. They want to find out what the Universe is made of and how it all works. Therefore they are trying to re-create the ‘Big Bang’ and the conditions of the very early Universe! Can you imagine??? Massive, if you only think how incredible complex the Universe is and that we are probably never ever able to understand it all. Maybe not even Universe.. Multiverse! Anyway, in this project, Accelerators boost beams of particles to high energies before they are made to collide with each other or with stationery targets. Some idiots think this is going to create a black hole on earth.. but this won’t happen of course.

I never met my friend Tishk in person but now I set a date, because I’m really lucky to know people like this and it is so interesting and inspiring. He will show me the Planetarium in London Greenwich where you can watch the stars.. so beautiful. I’m looking forward.

Meanwhile let me introduce you to one of a very meaningful hyper-realistic artist. Gottfried Helnwein. His paintings mainly consists of wounded children. ‘Helnwein is concerned primarily with psychological and sociological anxiety, historical issues and political topics’. His work is provocative and controversial.. to the most people. He grew up in the post-war Germany and now tries to process his experience with National socialism in his pictures. He also worked for Marylin Manson.

I know his pictures are really disturbing but at the same time I feel fascinated by the reality he creates and those children not only seem to be children for me. It’s a fantastic paint work!





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