Old man

Have I told you about the old man? No?

Well, as I was looking for flats in Highgate North London this year, I met David. David owns a big big Victorian House in Highgate and rents out the rooms (obv). So I looked at one of the rooms where you had this amazing view on the hill overlooking whole London!

But the room was too small and I thought I’d better look for a flat anyway. So David asked me where I come from and I said Germany. He was so happy and delighted about it, that we sat down and he started telling me aaaallll his stories as he worked in Germany and what a successful business man he was as he was young. And that he is looking for buying a house in the Black forest.

Remember a house in Highgate, which is one of the top and most expensive areas in London, you wouldn’t get under 2 Mio Pounds. So he owns this house in Highgate and could easily sell it and sailing away to Timbuktu, never coming back.

He told me that he hasn’t got many friends anymore as he is old and everyone has moved away from London. And that he wants to improve his German because he loves the language so much.

So I thought to see him again and just talk German and he can tell me stories about the war and his life. That was in January. Now I have been there a few times and he always cooks for me and is so happy when I’m around.

He lives downstairs in his flat and has many many Chinese antique furniture which makes me a bit jealous every time I go there. Every time he opens a bottle of Champagne and we sit down in those really old massive leather chairs and he shows me old photos and we just talk.

So.. I think I only like old people, animals and children. There are no commitments or any intentions……….

I will bring him some springy daffodils today.


PS: I would like to interview a few people who are doing simply just something ‘fabulous’. Artists, nerds, helpers… let me know <3

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