Let’s play it safe

Well, I have a twitter account as well in case you want to follow me around up and down… Haven’t got i for a long time tho @katsanddots

Did you know that all the young and hip trendy New Yorkers now abstain from sex? They don’t have time anymore. Are too busy with themselves tweeting, facebooking, texting and what’sapping that they have actually switched  into a ‘no sex before marriage’ mood.

True! I read it, it was a survey.

I like the idea of having no sex before marriage.

I’m recently really annoyed about all the guys focusing too much on sex. I mean sorry, don’t they have anything else to do? It bores me!!!

I have a brain too

I can think

I can write

I can be weird

I can be blonde

I can analyze

I can drink

I can be funny

I can talk with you about physics

I can make even a donkey to love me

I can have really good ideas

I have a good eye for beauty

Anyway. Let’s face it. Guys that just want sex bore the hell out of me. And you never know inside where they have been the weekend before.. ermm.

I like guys who are Gentleman and take my jacket when I arrive somewhere. Then I like creative guys who can impress me with their ideas and give me inspiration for new ways of thinking.

I like guys who are ambitious and funny. Who I can totally get messed up with and still having a giggle the next day.

All others can get out of my way. Thanks guys.

Can I retire with 30? I want to retire then and just skip the annoying middle bit with marriage, pregnant and divorce. I want to jump right in front of my future. Come with me!

Now go and celebrate the weekend because I WILL! Fabulous <3

” … I wish to God I had made this world, this scurvy   
And disastrous place. I
Didn’t, I can’t bear it
Either, I don’t blame you, sleeping down there   
Face down in the unbelievable silk of spring,   
Muse of black sand,
I don’t blame you, I know
The place where you lie.
I admit everything. But look at me.   
How can I live without you?
Come up to me, love,
Out of the river, or I will
Come down to you.”

PS: I will be Producing with fabulous presenter Aurora Bankhead some exclusively shoots in London and we might need another camera person. Sooo, if you want to get involved – let me know.

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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