My tasks for these week are: Finding the right words for the wedding speech of my Mum’s wedding soon. I thought it would be simple but it’s not. I mean.. my Mum gets married the second time. I haven’t even been married once! So here the dilemma starts already.

And then it should be all personal and funny. But not too funny of course. Oh yes and sentimental, but not too sad. Don’t forget about the romantic – course not! But not to cheesy. Ok, a poem? No, that’s not personal copy-‘kat’.

So now I will put a few Goethe sentences for the ‘arty’ bit on the beginning and then add some personal notes. But it’s my Mum. The most important person on this planet. And when I more and more think about it, these few little sentences will be a big challenge. Because my mum is everything to me – she is my Universe. How can I pack this in a ‘speech’ as a present.

I might just annoy all wedding guests and will hold the speech in English. haha! Like probably my granddad wouldn’t understand one word. Best I put London Cockney accent on too thehe. (I’m from Germany by the way, but I live in UK since 2006).

Then I’m working on a strategy for the shootings that will take place with lovely presenter Aurora Bankhead. London, two blondes here we come – watch out! Better you do.. I mean it.

If you know someone ‘special’ – or maybe you think you are contributing something unique and fabulous to this world, then let me know! We are looking for exciting people, creative and a bit mad and colourful. We would love to do events coverage and documentaries on real people who add some glamour in people’s life.

Also we will be out and about for street fashion shootings in London. Make sure you dress up or dress down fabulous – just be you. We won’t bite.

If you want to be involved, or if you like to be on my blog with a little interview. Maybe you are a designer or a band. A model or a muse or just someone cool! Write me.

I also look for promoters who are able to give is the right hints for event coverage in London (underground). I have so many plans!

Can anyone stop my mad head please.

I went out last weekend and some random guy stroke my hair. At the Mac Beth in Shoreditch. He was all and blonde. He looked attractive I have to say, although I prefer dark hair on men. I was seeking a friend and he just stand there ‘Your hair…….! I’m sorry but it looks so different and nice. I had to touch it, sorry. You look so differerent to everyone. I really like your blonde white hair’ OKAY guy, thank you. I first thought it would be a friend of mine. He is an illustrater and I got to know him through a funny incident with a band.. anyway wasn’t him. But this happens all the time to me.

This morning I pass a man and he whispered ‘I love you’. Then I pass another guy later in Soho and he just ‘mmmmmhhhhhhhh’ed as he walked passed me. Sometimes it’s really annoying. It makes me wearing my nose up in the air and not looking left and right because I just feel weird.

Don’t you know this feeling? Intimidating.

Sleep well gorgeous you and think about the Universe and that we all will be one – one day. Time does not exist.

xxx Hugs & Kisses

About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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