The Curse For Eternity

Being a ‘fag hag’ is a curse forever.

I love pretty guys.

With female attitudes.

And a playful character.

The only thing is that most of these guys are gay. Actually 99%.

And they tell me I have the best taste in men. Or they would be with me if they would be straight.

So. I don’t really get on with straight guys. Hollow hearts.

‘She is up in the sky and the sky is on fire…’

But I can’t even fall for someone gay because it’s against my nature.

And I can’t fall for a straight guy because they have annoyed me so much in my life.

And I can’t fall for a girl because I don’t feel attracted to girls.

The question is, am I starting to be confused about my own sexuality? But I don’t think so.

Do you think the best and only deal for me would be a gay guy who is actually bisexual plus androgynous looking. Mmhhh….

I think I am so different without wanting to be different. One of my gay friends keeps telling me that I really have a serious problem finding a guy because of my love for the sensual boys.

Love Love.



About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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2 Responses to The Curse For Eternity

  1. The Groupie says:

    I know what u mean.
    Perfect Post, its good to know that Im not the only one with these feelings .
    I feel a little bit better now.
    Thank u, I love ur blog.

  2. Mistress says:

    Hey Darling,
    thanks I really appreciate your comment. Yes good to know.. I think lots of girls feel the same. Feelings that never be returned. They are the ‘better’ guys. Let’s just hope :). I like your blog too, had a little look. Looks lovely. Good luck!

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