A riot is a riot is a riot

So.. I’ve seen some people searched for my blog including the term ‘riot’. As you know I live in London. I have been very upset the past days and I didn’t feel like blogging. I probably would have burst into tears while writing because the situation here was so devastating and unrealistic.

(Photo Source: VICE Magazine)

Now things seem to have calmed down. I have heard about 10 police cars rushing down Archway Road earlier but that’s it. I passed smashed up shops in Camden yesterday and burnt houses. People on the street were mostly on their phones talking to friends and family about the situation. Police is everywhere on the street. London is swarmed by armed Police! 60% of the total UK Police is remaining here for the next days.

I have been “preaching” a lot on facebook and talked to media. I have never been in such a situation where everything seems out of control “Anarchy in the UK”. I have my own opinion on this and there is no justification on this riot, even if I know there are reasons and frustrations but violence is NEVER EVER GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING. It will never!!! When do people learn?! It was a wake-up call for sure. The social state of this country is worse than ever, I’m aware of this.. we need to think more social in politics. Social democracy. I better not start.. I just wanted to say, that.. I don’t want this to be our future, but it will be if we don’t change our way of thinking and how our mind works.

I would just like everyone to open their eyes and LOOK and see what is going on around you. Governments trying to fool you. Media is trying to fool you. And everyone knows it deep inside but it seems to work for the society like narcotics. We need a change in a positive and peaceful way! I know it sounds weird but we first need a spiritual change before we can change the rest. I stop now.

Anyway, I’m going on holiday today for a week. I will stay in England seeing first time ever the countryside in the Country I live in. I’m very excited and will keep you posted.

Yesterday I nearly stole a bikini.. can you imagine. I think I was in a kind of let’s put it this way… ‘looting’ mood. I went to my favourite vintage shop Beyond Retro to look for some nice holiday stuff. Went to the cabin and tried on my clothes. I saw this trĂ©s chic Bikini and placed it on my bag and suddenly thought… if I would just lift up the bag and put the bikini quickly in my bag no one would notice. So why spending money, I’m always skint anyway… So I actually did..!!!

As I wanted to walk up the stairs towards exit I saw the security alarm thingies. I thought, if THAT would go off now and I would be escorted out of Beyond Retro because of a stolen Bikini and prob would face a BANN from my favourite Vintage Shop forever – it would be the end of my coolness. So I walked back and took the Bikini out of my hand bag, put it back and suddenly realized what a stupid thing I just did. How stupid can you be? And why did I think that way anyway?

I felt so guilty for the rest of the day, that it made me look like a little girl who has done some naughty thing and knows it will be punished for it one day. But I didn’t steal it in the end so it’s all good haha. I have never stolen anything out of a shop ever in my whole life and I never will!

I still feel awful..

I have to tell you so many things that happened. Wonderful wonderful things, that I still need to realize and put into order. But I think it’s good to keep those moments for yourself because they belong to two people – only. For now. I’m sure I will tell you when I feel it’s the right time :). I love my life it is so exciting and truly magic. Every day.

And I will show you a song that is one of my favourite’s because it reflects this unrealistic reality we live in http://soundcloud.com/robbysondak/second-skin-the-chameleons

“But is this the stuff dreams are made of?
If this is the stuff dreams are made of
No wonder I feel like I’m floating on air
It feels like I’m everywhere”


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