Stressed like f***

I’m stressed out. And my friends noticed. I will be ok by tomorrow night.

My bank account is pretty much empty and tomorrow I will have a very very important interview for my career and I prepared a lot today. Now I’m getting all nervous. It’s for one of the largest fashion online retailers in UK as fashion editor. Whhoop!

This is probably the one and only chance in my lifetime continuing doing what I’m really ambitious about and what i LOVE. Please keep fingers crossed for me – just once. Thank you!

Meanwhile I went on holiday with my parents. I went to Cornwall. It was pretty and I took a lot of Polaroids, which I will publish soon. The coast lines are impressive and stunning. I felt overwhelmed by all the beauty of british nature. If you ever have been to Bretagne in France.. it looks similar.

But being locked with your parents for a week is a bit stressful aswell, you know. Especially if it’s pissing down 6 days of 7 and you can’t really be outside all day long. So you start getting drunk and playing silly games – which is fun. But then they start to treat you like a child. ‘Katrin, can’t you brush your teeth in the washing rooms please not in the Caravan. It’s all wet now’. Okay, yes, okay sorry for using the bathroom in the caravan… “Katrin, we are going to wash up the dishes now!!” Ok, Mum. I’m 31 but its fine you let me know. Of course I will help you. “Katrin, you didn’t make your bed today. Now I have to do it because otherwise we can’t close the rooftop of the Caravan”. Sorry Mum, but I really didn’t get any sleep last night because your new lovely husband snores with 300 decibel and it was raining and it was wet and I’m freezing.

But it was lovely of course. Small houses, lovely people, fit surfer guys tanned with long blonde hair. I went to St. Ives as it’s meant to be the ‘Artist Village of Cornwall’. But it became a tourist trap and nothing was left from the bespoken artist-flair. It was terrible busy with weird people. See my face, not impressed (it was REALLY that dark!!).

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

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