I am so sleepy and excited at the same time. You know when you are so tired that you even can’t open your eyes anymore but your head is spinning and talking to you and you talk back to your head and you say: Please head, i need to sleep. Please be quiet. You don’t make any sense. You create this non existence world in which I stumble around like Alice in Wonderland. Please shhhhhh… go away, talk tomorrow. Goodbye now. Not listening!!

Anyway. I was dreaming my room was black. All ceilings and windows were black. They were covered with tape from old video cassettes (you know these things we had before DVD existed…). Because you can use the tape easily for any decoration purposes. So my room and my walls were full of this tape and it was hanging down from the big open windows and the wind blew it slightly so it moved and the lights from the city outside were reflecting so it created a mysterious shimmer.

There were balloons at the ceiling aswell. They were all black and shiny. Hundreds of balloons in black filled up with Helium so they would stay up in the air!! And all my sofa and my bed was covered with some sparkling black blankets. And in the middle there is this magnificent chandelier (the one’s you are always scared they could fall down and kill you instantly).

So I was standing there… in a black long dress of lace and all this black surrounding me and all of a sudden I realized this wasn’t a dream it was actually my room for the welcome party my flatmate Oly organized for me in our home in East London. Crazy…

Oh dear I should go to bed and count some pony’s..

I have decided with Oly that instead of a cat or a dog we now want a white rabbit that we can take for a walk on the lead.
Isn’t that amazing.. seriously I better go xxx


About Mistress

Don't stop dreaming - Don't stop Rock'n Roll - Don't stop being beautiful.
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