The option



Which girl needs a kitchen?? SERIOUSLY!

Who needs food and all that cooking.. time wasting things that makes you just fat?

I promised to myself I will use my next own flat wisely and will consider using the kitchen in a more appealing way for a city girl who has more clothes than actually a charity shop.

So.. my kitchen is going to be my new walk-in wardrobe I have decided – why not??! Imagine just the amount of shoes you could put in the oven or in the fridge??! And all that storage space and the drawers for all my lovely underwear! I can decorate with my jewellery and scarfs, it will look lovely. Golden mirror in the middle of the room.

I will steal the barbies of my gay flatmate and will place them in my cups.

So today I have finished thinking about my life plan B.

I had to make a plan B because I’m suffering from being broke chronically in this city because I have overused my credit card the past years and still do because I’m a) very bad in saving money and b) do not understand money and c) London is the most expensive place to live.. this combined with a and b .. gives not really the best condition for me who enjoys this town with all its up’s and down’s, with all its temptations, pains and challenging things which hit you in the face every single day.

Anyway!! I’m not the only girl who suffers from credit card illness, there are many others here.. actually a friend of mine just moved in back to her mum’s and dad’s place in London (31 years old) because she was short off money at the end of each month so she used her credit card and it summed up. That’s what happened to me. But I can’t move back to my family because they live in Germany.

LUCKY me my boyfriend is from London and he lives in a place arranged by his family where he doesn’t have to pay rent. Lucky fucker.

Lucky me!

There is a little garden which leads to a tiny flat with its own kitchen area and bathroom. He keeps his instruments and other stuff in there not using it..

My new home?

Could move in there giving him a little meow and a kiss and could get rid off this grey credit card cloud really easily if I stay there just over the summer.. what do you think? then actually could afford a nice home.

I thinks this is an excellent plan!

Just need to tell him.



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