Little moan

Thank god I’m wearing my ‘skanky’ cheap topshop studded leather jacket today.. because luckily I’m invited to the book launch of ‘Pride & Glory’ from the award winning photographer Horst Friedrichs. This book is about the the biker jacket rock culture and takes place in a very fancy and expensive retro biker jacket store in London where you won’t find any jacket under 600 GBP … so I didnt know that. Now apart from me looking cheap and highstreet fashion tonight, I moved to a new place in South East London (a pretty place called Blackheath) and every day it bloody takes me nearly 2 HOURS TO WORK AND BACK….. TWO!! 

It’s like from Cologne to Frankfurt every day. Wtf..

I think I have agedabout 4 years in the past 3 days. I’m leaving house around 7.30am and come back at night 8pm.. FML. This is due to bloody trains beeing delayed and no connection straight from Farringdon where I work, to Blackheath. Absolute nightmare.

Now considering moving again after Christmas.. The longest place I ever stayed living in in London was in Highgate, my lovely own flat.

I have moved 3 times this year, due to personal and work reasons. So I have now learned my lesson, that living south of the river is NOT THE ONE. please take my advice.

But therefore I live now with Albert. A fish. So that is a bit of entertaining.. yaaawn.

I wish all my followers and readers a lovely day. The sun is shining in London! X







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